Estate Planning for Nonparents "Nonparents".  Love this term!  Many of us are very fortunate to have people who are near and dear to our hearts … [Read More...]

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The Cookie Cutter Estate Plan:  Do Nothing Everyone has an Estate Plan even if they haven’t done a Last Will & Testament.  It’s the most basic plan out there and it is called “the laws of … [Read More...]

What exactly is an Estate Plan?

“Estate Planning” is the act of preparing for the transfer of one’s assets after his or her death as well as preparing for the management of those assets if he/she becomes incapacitated and cannot act … [Read More...]

Legal Documents for College Students

For those of you that have a young adult headed off to college...  Do you have the necessary documents in place in the event your college student has a medical emergency or needs help with his or her … [Read More...]

Practical Tasks for When a Loved One Passes Away

Some tidbits from Kiplinger's about things that need to be done with a loved one passes away. Note that it is not an all-inclusive list, just some thoughts on a few … [Read More...]


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