Estate Planning for Nonparents "Nonparents".  Love this term!  Many of us are very fortunate to have people who are near and dear to our hearts … [Read More...]

I Don’t Think My Mom Had a Will. Now What?

First, do a diligent search for a will.  Look through Mom’s records and see if Mom had an accountant, financial advisor, or an attorney she worked with in the past and reach out to them and ask if … [Read More...]

Everyone has a Will!

The Cookie Cutter Estate Plan:  Do Nothing Everyone has an Estate Plan even if they haven’t done a Last Will & Testament.  It’s the most basic plan out there and it is called “the laws of … [Read More...]

Should I Update My Will?

I often have clients asking me if they should update their Wills.  If I don’t know my clients’ specific circumstances, I usually respond with the typical attorney response of “It depends.” As a … [Read More...]

Legal Documents for College Students

For those of you that have a young adult headed off to college...  Do you have the necessary documents in place in the event your college student has a medical emergency or needs help with his or her … [Read More...]