Probate Administration

estate planningLosing a loved one is never easy.  And dealing with the legal aftereffects of losing a loved one may seem daunting.  If you have been named or appointed as the personal representative (formerly called “executor” or “executrix”) of your loved one’s estate, Law Offices of Patricia L. Nagle, P.C., can guide and assist you through the probate administration process.

“Probate” is the legal process of administering a decedent’s estate – i.e., transferring ownership of the decedent’s property to (1) those named in the decedent’s will (devisees) or (2) the decedent’s heirs if the decedent died without a will (i.e., “intestate”).

The personal representative of the decedent’s estate is tasked with performing all the duties of settling the decedent’s estate including collecting assets, paying debts, distributing assets to devisees and/or heirs, filing final tax returns, and filing all requisite forms with the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court.

Further, there are times when a decedent’s estate involves real estate that needs to be legally transferred or sold.

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